26 Apr 12

If you’re interested in medical humanities, don’t miss the NYTimes article about “plans by the Association of American Medical Colleges to revise the medical school admissions test to incorporate a hefty dose of social science.”


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25 Apr 12

I’ve saved the best for first:

On this page I share articles, poems, graphics, prompts, and anything that might be useful to people who share my interest in the confluence of writing and health–whether it’s patient and staff writing, coursework in reflective practice for medical students, writing workshops for clinicians or discussions in narrative medicine. I’ll also include drawings and poems that move me.

I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on Pauline Chen’s latest “Doctor and Patient” column, “Reinventing the Third-Year Medical Student.” (Re the HMS Cambridge Integrated Clerkship at Cambridge Health Alliance)


The timeless debate over competency v. compassion continues. . . with the “both/and” proponents muted by vociferous opinions.

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